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Why Small Businesses Should Adapt To Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is a popular topic among Businesses and Marketing circles. However, for small and medium scale enterprises, even the thought of adopting new technologies is unbearable. They don’t really know what it is and they think that it is something only large organizations can manage.

Since small and medium scale sector forms the backbone of the Indian economy, it is important for them to transform some of their Business and Marketing methods in order to compete and to hold a long-term growth.


To put it in simple terms, Digital transformation is all about including technology in your various Business Processes and delivering smooth customer service to the end customer. Digital Transformation is a Multi staged process and impacts various processes of Business- Sales, Marketing, Customer support.

The boom of the Internet and Mobile devices have shifted the way people are accessing the products. With the rise of Social media and technologies like 360 Video it is now possible for organizations to connect with your customers in many different ways.


The short answer is -Yes. Digital Transformation brings enormous opportunities for small and medium scale businesses. It helps by giving you a competitive edge against your competitors. With not so complex technologies it has become easier for these enterprises to set-up a Business and spend relatively less time in the gestation period. With analytical tools, it is easier to measure the process and make the necessary changes. Digital transformation enables us to make quick decisions, be highly efficient and bring a more personalized customer experience. Earlier small scale and Medium scale enterprises were dependent only on word of mouth publicity.

Even though SME’s play a crucial role in our economy these small and medium scale industries can never really scale to a larger proportion and it is because they lack the proper tools for Business and marketing. These enterprises should never rely on tactics that were followed 20 years ago.


Every organisation must do an evaluation to identify the gaps, problems and potential threats. What are the key tactics you could implement for your business to survive? We always advise working with skilled consultants or people to layout a complete roadmap for your digital transformation activity. Working with experts having experience will help your business move in the right direction a lot more quickly and also prevent you from making silly mistakes by doing it on your own.

Many small enterprises think that it’s too costly to hire an expert. The truth is, there are some free resources out there. Many agencies will happily offer a free advice. We here at Destek info solutions offer free consultation on how to set-up a business from scratch and also implement their Digital Transformation journey. Long story short, there are a lot of ways to get advice with a small budget.

In conclusion, Digital transformation is an ongoing process and those organisations failing to grasp these changes are going to suffer heavily and may also risk losing the battle against their competitors. We can say that digital revolution has provided infinite opportunities for small and medium scale industries to flourish at minimal cost and as the years pass, we hope to see more and more businesses to come under the umbrella of Digital Transformation.
The author is a Business Developer and Digital Marketing- Associate at Destek info solutions.

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