Destek works to bring innovation to client organizations by helping them launch new products and services, and by conceptualizing new approaches to how they can improve existing business.

Our innovation methodology seeks to systematically survey and understand a given area of a client's business, identifying areas of opportunity for new products, services, or customer experiences. The focus is examining areas in which users have a problem, and current solutions are suboptimal. Then, in partnership with Destek’s design and technology teams, new solutions to the problem areas are conceptualized and prototyped. Once research validates the prototype, Destek’s team has the ability to launch in-market pilots, in which the innovation team handles all aspects of pilot from operational management to business development. We then evolve successful pilots into ongoing businesses that are fully managed by the client organization.



  • Growth Opportunities
  • Opportunity Identification
  • New Products and Services
  • Concept and Prototype
  • In-Market Pilots
  • Operationalize