Cyber Alertness During COVID-19

While this pandemic has slowed down our lives and made us hide behind our doors, some criminals are exploiting this virus and evading our privacy.

We are talking about cybersecurity. Since the self-isolation and social distancing practice, all the corporate world has been asked to work from home, providing ample opportunities for cyber thieves to abuse the private and open network systems of employees working from home.
Many cases of voice phishing, funding scams and stealing of important data via open networks have come forward since the outbreak started.
In the name of providing vital information to the public about the coronavirus, the idea has been to lure people to click on malicious links to scam them of their private data. While another is to scam generous minds who are about to make funds for the needy at such tough times via default fund accounts and pocketing all the money. Whilst all these are unstoppable, we can for sure save ourselves and our data from the cyber thugs.
Here are some simple steps as an organization we can take to prevent scams during this outbreak:


Organizations and leaders should actively work with the security teams and prioritize their essentials clients and their respective information which might be sensitive and business-critical.


Employees should be thoroughly guided on the work from home policies and open communication should be encouraged. This will include employees to be in contact with the security team during any kind of suspicious activities.


Companies or leaders should be providing employees with all corporately owned devices which should be equipped with essential security capabilities and extending the same network security practices to all remote locations. Here is how individuals can respond to such times:1.  Each individual must be acknowledged with all the rules and regulations to be followed must follow the guidance provided to them by their leaders.

2.  Employees must follow a good password hygiene i.e one should use complex passwords and multifactor authentication wherever possible and change them frequently.3.  Individuals working from home should install updates and patches frequently on their devices as well as mobile phones and no cooperative devices.4.  Employees working from remote places should secure their WiFi access points and change their default settings and passwords in timely manner to reduce potential threats on their work via any connected devices.5.   VPNs that is Virtual Private Networks can help in trusted connections between employees and their organizations and managing the access to corporate tools. Corporate VPNs provide the additional protection against voice phishing, malware attacks etc.6.   Individuals should be able to manage personal and official work separately even in the comfort of homes. As one wouldn’t get engage in private work in the office, in the same manner using corporate devices for personal work may increase the threat level to confidential data stored in it. These are some primary steps to be followed during such time in order to prevent threat actors to easily attack your data.
In the same time we should realize that the threat environment is not static which means we need to be more aware and keep a keen eye on suspicious activities.

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